Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for being cancer free.
I am grateful for all of my family and friends.
I am grateful for my warm home and loving husband.
I am grateful for being loved and giving love.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all..
Remember to tell someone you love them.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Asking You All

Pure White Light

I am asking you all again to ....

Take a moment to relax. Breath deeply.

See the Pure White Light

I am asking you all to do this daily for our planet and all living on Mother Earth.

Visualize a beautiful pure white Light.
See it in front of you, spiraling.
Now see the pure white Light spiraling and going deep down to the core of Mother Earth.

Now see the pure white Light spiraling in the core
and illuminating her center. As Mother Earth shifts and changes her vibration, she also helps us to move forward.

Now see the pure white Light spiraling around the outside of Mother Earth.
As the Light is spiraling the pure white Light is entering areas and people, places and things on earth as needed.

As we all are doing this to assist, it raises the vibrations of all that are willing to move forward so we all can be in harmony, peace and Love.
The vibrations are assisting to help our planet and all of it's people.

Some of you ask? Vibrations? Yes everything is vibrations moving at different rates.

Again I am asking you to do this visualization daily through the end of this year.

Remember to tell someone you love them.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Believe in yourself

Open yourself to the oneness of who you truly are.
Believe that you are special.
There isn't another here on mother earth like you!
Know you are here to assist the planet and all of its people, places and things that are living..
Be gentle with yourself and others.
Please remember to tell someone you love them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mystical Freedom

"Sometimes the surrender is so glorious
it becomes a mystical freedom that you fly free.
 an overflowing fountain of cleansing tears.
 a galaxy of stars spinning,
creating energy. 

a shower of pure gold
ground to dust in a ray of light.
The light  illuminates a moment with a blinding
revelation a gaze that captivates
and captures the heart,
and draws it into a dimension
beyond words.

 perhaps never to yield.
to description a kiss from the universe,
that touches every particle of one’s being
and sets the spirit free forever."

Celestine Starchild's Photo