Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday at 3 AM

Saturday January 29, 2011
We are home and I am doing okay, a little nausea today so I took one of the medicines for nausea. I do well with this med.
Melodie came over and did a Reiki treatment for me at 12:30. It had been since Wednesday since I had a treatment.  We agreed this was too long in between.
The rest of the day I did computer work.
Johnny emptied his camera on to my computer so I went through and saved pictures and deleted duplicates. I also worked on my blog.  We had grilled cheese sandwiches for a late lunch and apple and cheese (white) for a night snack.
I watched Ice Skating in the evening while Johnny finished listing some stuff on eBay.

Sunday January 30, 2011
Stanley woke us up at 3 barking. Johnny checked it out. Nothing!

I had an interesting reaction. Not sure if it was due to being woke up and lack of sleep or just emotional stuff coming up or what but I started crying.
Johnny is so good with me. He is so allowing and takes good care of me. So I just cry and he holds me.

It’s now 4 AM and we are hungry. We didn’t eat enough yesterday to carry us through the night.
So up at 4 and Johnny is making wonderful pancakes and eggs. I can only have eggs that are well done….
Scrambled, hard boiled or fried hard.
It has something to do with the chemo I am on. Each chemo I have learned has different side affects this is one of the ones for the 2 chemos I am on right now.
We wake Jimmy (Johnny’s brother who lives with us) so he can have breakfast also and we all have a great breakfast.

It was so nice to know we can do this at any time…It felt unusual and good. I/we have never done this kind of thing before. I would have never thought that we can do anything at any hour before. (Of course before we worked full time and we both were on schedules) So this was new and an adventure. Another new adventure (we have many lately).
6:30 back to sleep.
I sleep till 9 and Johnny sleeps till 10:30 as he had gone to bed later then I did last night.
So now I am writing this blog to share with you all more of my adventures with breast cancer.
I am doing great all in all. NO nausea or vomiting. My hair is now shaved so I don’t have to be emotional about any of that and my red wig is great.
I am open to visitors and phone calls.  If I am resting I turn off the phone and will call you back.
I have found that people have said they are afraid they will disturb me…Please disturb me. I am doing well!
Have a blessed day and remember to tell someone you love them! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Update

Tuesday January 25, 2011
Some nights sleep is an interesting experience. I am awake and asleep, awake and asleep. Not restful at all.
So we are off to chemo.  I have to be there at 1:40.
Arrived on time and the waiting room for the Cancer Center is full. They didn’t call me till 2:15 to have my blood work. Now we wait for the results. We meet with Dr Stephanie (my Chemo Oncologist). We meet at 3:15.I was scheduled to meet with her at 2:40. (I guess it is always running behind at the center).

We discuss changing from the nausea medicine that made me soo ditsy and drugged.
I will not be having this drug this week and we will see how I do without it. (As far as getting nauseous).
 I still am having the two nausea medicines before the chemo that I took last week besides the one that drugged me. One is a steroid (which may make me a little ditsy) and another nausea medicine.
Chemo was supposed to be at 3.
All my numbers from my blood work are perfect.
Dr. Stephanie is very impressed with this and tells Melodie whatever we are doing is assisting. (Boy that is a big one from a doctor!) 
Remember there are 3 Stephanie’s now. The doctor, the pharmacist and myself. 
So now I am on to the Chemo treatment.
One takes 40 minutes and the other 1 hour.
I am in one of the rooms (none of them have doors). It has a recliner and a chair in it. (I never recline).  Johnny goes to the cafeteria to now have dinner as we missed lunch!
Good thing I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch...Having it for dinner as it is late and I have not eaten.

As I am sitting looking out the window I see many Angels flying in the clouds.
I hope you all are watching the skies. You can see many wondrous things in the clouds and skies.
Melodie does Reiki on me when I am having my chemo treatment.
It is wonderful to have the two of us as Reiki Masters working together on my breast cancer!
We didn’t get out of there till 6:15.
So now my shot for tomorrow has to be at 6:15, not 5 as planned, it has to be 24 hours after the chemo. The shot is for my white blood cells to rebuild them.
This was a full afternoon. My next chemo is at 12:20 in two weeks. So I’ll see if that is any quicker.
Wednesday January 26, 2011
Oh yes the steroid made me a little ditsy. It was gone by 9 last night.
I did take my other two medicines for nausea before I went to bed last night. I didn’t sleep well, I think they wire me. That still is better then being nauseous and throwing up.
I had a Reiki treatment from Melodie.
Johnny and I went to the Cancer Center and got there at 6pm.
The door was locked and an orderly was coming out the side door so he let us in. (synchronized).
We went up stairs and into the Chemo room. Only one nurse was there, the same one that was there last night with us.
I get my shot and we leave.
It is now 6:30 and we are off to the grocery store. I never thought I would look forward to grocery shopping. It felt so good to do some-thing so normal!!!!
It was the perfect time also. It was dinner hour so the store was empty.
This was a good thing not as many people (not as many germs).
I always wipe down the cart with the wipes they have at the front door. This also helps me with the germs.
We got home around 7:30.
Yahoo something outside the house….
I slept great.
Thursday January 27, 2011
My girlfriend Julie came over at 11am. She cut my red wig some more in the front and it looks real now. It was too full in the front before. 
We then went up to my healing room and I did a reading for her and she did Reiki on me. We got to visit and catch up. Girl time, it is so good!
Julie,  thanks for all the care you take with me!
Julie left around 1:30.
It is lunch time now….
Jackie, my girlfriend had made us soup so we had it for lunch today (our big meal). It was delicious.
Thank you Jackie for the soup and the love you share so openly!
I just did some small things around the house and rested on and off the rest of the day.  
Friday January 28, 2011
We are home and I am tired today.
I was getting ready for my shower and noticed hair in my cap/hat.
So Johnny shaved my head. My hair was starting to fall out.
This way I don’t have to see or deal with it falling out for days on end.
I checked it out in the mirror and the back of my head it looks just like Ryan’s (my 11 year old grandson). Now I know where he gets that circle in the back of his head...we both have

I have been taking my nausea meds as needed.  When I take both of them I am more tired.
Johnny went to Sacred Circle and Stanley (our Maltipoo) stayed home.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


 A Photo from the Cause: Turn Face book Pink

What a wonderful sunny day. It is in the 40's and crystal clear and bright! I feel good today.
Taking care of paper work and relaxing. Johnny plays (piano) at Twigs tonight in downtown Boise. 
Here's something to think about......

When we let go of fear, only then can we gracefully move from what was into the miracle of what can be. ~ Author unknown

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Hair

My Hair

I had forgotten to let you all know that on Monday January 10th my girlfriend Julie came over and we cut my hair. It was shaved on the sides and back and she left about ¼ inch on the top.

It is now Friday January 21st, and the top has grown and it is over an inch long. Yes I know they (who are they any way) keep telling me my hair will in fact fall out….

We will see not looking that way so far.

On a side not,
Monique have your Mom tell you how she use to have to oil your hair to get it to lay down….Yes again a Brooks trait.
I had no idea my hair would stand straight up not ever having it this short. I always knew I had Angel hair (fine and straight) but now I also know it stands straight up…FUN!!  I hope when my hair grows back t it like your hair Monique, lots, full and beautiful! I guess your Mom knew what she was doing with all that oil! LOL

Today I am having Julie and Judith visit so that will be fun.
Everyone have a playful day!
 I will you all laughing with this blog.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No More Drugged Feeling

 Red Wig 

 1/14/11 Friday - Thank God that is over.  I do not like nor if possible will I not take that med again! (Emend).
The herbs did the trick.!!!! No more constipation.
1 Prochlorperazine at 11am and 1 Prochlorperazine at 7Pm for nausea.  
*** I would have to say if this is the bad day it is doable…I slept on and off all day and night. I was very tired. I went to the potty and ate my small meals all day. I would do some thing and than take a nap. I also slept most of the night.

1/15/11 Saturday – Feeling much better.
Boy it is nice to rest. LOL
No meds today. NOT nausea. Did house stuff. By 5ish I am tired for the day, but still doing well.

1/16/11 Sunday
Doing great. No new things to report.

 1/17/11 Monday – No nausea!
11am went to see Dr Prier for check up on surgery sites. Doing well.
All In all, I am doing GREAT!
I am still having HOT flashes (several a day) at different times and when I get really tired I do get very cold. Some times my back or knees hurt but Advil seems to work for that. I have notice sore spots in my mouth.(part of the chemo side affects)  I am using salt, baking soda and water to assist.  This is to balance the PH in my system.

Monday January 17, 2011
This morning early around 6 or earlier, I saw the most beautiful large moon in the sky. It lit up the western sky. The light beams were shining in the distant clouds. Magnificent!
Have a Light filled day and remember you are LOVE!
Namaste' Stephanie (was put on face book)
No nausea.

Tuesday January 18, 2011   
2 pm, appointment with Holly, the nurse practitioner at Cancer Center. Johnny, Melodie and I meet with her.
I am doing great. We talked about changing the nausea medicine for my Chemo. Not using Emend any longer.  I’m using the other medicine that is milder. Melodie came back and gave me a Reiki treatment.
No Neusea.

Wednesday January 19, 2011
 We’re home decorating for Valentines Day. I have the women’s group here tonight. I’m  looking forward to that.
4 People came,(because some were sick and I can’t be near sick people)  it was good. Talked and caught up and then did a meditation for the group.
No Nausea.

Thursday January 20, 2011
Home today no nausea.

My next Chemo treatment is next Tuesday January 25th and it all starts again.
I can do this and I am feeling great!
Have fun and kiss someone you love and let them know they are special!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning World,
I am doing great today. Yesterday seems to be the day of rest! I slept on and off all day and night. The 4th day after Chemo seems to be my resting day. Today I will do some of my fun things. Have a fun and adventurous day.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


      Unknown Artist
Thursday and it is rainy outside but I am home.
 I got a call from my Chemo nurse yesterday that I needed to come and get my shot for the white blood cells today (Wednesday) after 4.  It must be in a certain time frame or it throws off the Chemo schedule. 
So with my blond wig on that looks just like my hair off I go. Johnny was playing at Twigs last night for their 1 year anniversary.  So he went there and I went and got my shot at St. Al’s.
I got home around 5:30 after stopping at bank to take care of business. (Now I know why it is spelled that way… (busi ness).
Nicole, Melodie and Ali all were coming over to visit and keep me company.
I did take my nausea medicine around 2pm after Johnny had to go to another Walgreen’s to get it. Another whole story! LOL
I have discovered that that particular one makes be ditsy. DRUGGED! LOL
It takes about 4 hours and than I guess I become funny.  So I only have one more of those to take tomorrow and those are done. I will take it early in day.
Have a wonderful day filled with all you can imagine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi Everyone,
Sorry about the Text message. I am not good at that yet.

Yesterday Tuesday,

Johnny and I were at the hospital at 7:30.  Had to have a test on my heart. They do this at the beginning of Chemo treatment and then throughout to make sure everything is fine.
(They said I have a great Heart...LOL We all knew that.

So not really thinking about the test,  I had taken the book The Great Shift to read while waiting. I was reading from the part by Kryon, who is here in magnetic service.  I do forget the energies some times...LOL
I went in the the room with the machine which uses atomic energy mixed with my blood which they have draw and now mixed together. I was hooked up the the cable lines that look the same
as on an EKG.    They don't work.  The technician gets new rubber ends 3 different times and none of them work. He then reboots the entire system. Again
NEW lead wires and rubber tabs. NOTHING..I Reiki the machine and am talking to Spirit silently. I am on a time frame of my chemo at 10:30. and this test is only supposed to take 20 minutes. It is now 9:10.  Finally the Tech goes and gets the Doctor and he then gets different lead wires that look different also. New rubber tabs and it starts.  

Now this whole time I am lying on the thin narrow table waiting.
The machine rotates and I am now inside. I look at the pictures on the ceiling of the hot air balloons.  Pretty,  and I notice the numbers on them....27, 11, 9, 25 very interesting..Very Spiritual.  I started meditating,  I am almost in a deep state and I am asked to move, inside the machine which is totally around me and very close quarters. Again I start to meditate. In comes pure white Light.  I am very familiar with Spirits energy. Now the PINK Light of Quin Yin
It was the most soft color pink I have seen in a long time..GENTLE and Loving.
I do Love Spiritual work....
The test is finally over and we (Johnny and I) walk over to the
Cancer Center. (2 building over) and it was cold!
First I meet the nurse for the Chemo, than the Dietitian is waiting to talk to us also as I had many questions for her and Melodie (also a Reiki Master, Shaman and Herbalist)  is  with us and got to talk to her also as I am on an Herb regime.
Next off to have more blood taken for lab work up. This will happen every time I go to have Chemo. Back to room. They have me order lunch and off to meet with the Nurse Practitioner to go over all the procedures for the Chemo.  Back to room and receive my lunch. (good Soup).

Waiting for the lab results and the pharmacist comes in and we talk. They have 3 pharmacists just for the
Cancer Center and hospital patients that need Chemo.
Her name is Stephanie, we talk about that and how Dr Stephanie Hodson (my Chemo Oncologist)  and her have the same middle name also.    Brooke...Now there are 3.        
So what do you think about that? Any insights for me????
 Spirit does work in fun and adventurous ways...LOL.
2:05 we finally start the Chemo.  Oh, yes they DO give me medicine for nausea and vomiting first.
We leave the
Cancer Center at 4:25.
This was a long day and very adventurous. Spirit always keeps thing entertaining.
So today I am HOME .. I am glad.
Tomorrow I just have to go and get a shot to rebuild the white blood cells at
9:30. that is doable.
Feel free to write or call.
They say ( I still want to know who they are?) if, and I don't buy into this,   I were to get sicker..nausea it unusual happens on the 4th - 7th day. I do have meds that I do plan on using. Nothing worst than throwing up! 

Oh, yes Monday I did cut my hair...So now I have red hair or blonde or black...FUN!
 Have a Happy, Bright, Joyful day and tell someone you love them! 

Thank You all for being in my Life!!


Wear PINK for support.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday January 6th

All is well.
I got home about 5 last night. Today just a little nauseous. The 2 surgery sites are doing good. Slept till 4 this morning. 
Tuesday the 11th I have my first chemo treatment..
Then I will have another every 2 weeks for 3 months. 
The fun part is I have a REDDISH/COPPER color wig and it is also longer. FUN!!!! 
Namaste' Stephanie

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wednesday January 5th

 I am thankful for all of your prayers.
I go in on the 5th for my surgery. They are putting in my port for the chemo and I am having a lymph node biopsy. I will be back at home that same night.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guided Meditations

I am canceling Guided Meditations 
on Mondays at 3pm  until further notice.
Please check my blog weekly for updates.
Have a blessed NEW YEAR and I will blog as time allows.