Saturday, May 21, 2011

All is WELL

I am doing well after my lumpectomy on Wednesday May 11th.
I got a call from my surgeon and she told me that they got all of the cancer and in the surrounding area and that it was clear.

I am now resting and getting back my strength. I will not start any treatments until the middle of June. Yippee.
Then in June I will be having radiation therapy and anti-hormones for 5 years.
Each day I am feeling stronger and back to my old self, more energy and feeling like doing things again!

This past week was very different for me.
I went through 16 weeks of 8 rounds of chemo and surgery and was doing fine.

This past week it hit me and I was mad and sad. I was crying and quiet and all the emotions came all at once.  I am feeling much better today. In the past I have always been a very private person but that all has gone out the window now.  

It is amazing to me how Spirit works to move us forward.

I have always been open to receiving guidance when I am still. This past week I found myself listening to those old recordings….
Not my higher self.  It took my husband to help me shift back to my Oneness. Thank you Johnny.
I was trying to be so strong and not allowing my self to fully feel the emotion of this adventure. Now I feel and it is ok for me to be open to receive all Spirit wants me to see and receive, showing me through people places and things.  

I feel that by doing this blog I am helping myself and others.
The blog was started before I found my lump and it was more spiritual in nature. It is still spiritual and also informative about my adventure with breast cancer.

That is what is happening around my house this week.

Have a sun filled week.
Remember to tell someone you love them.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Having a Great Week

This past week has been great. Each day farther from my last chemo treatment is better. I am in less pain and I have more strength.

I am still receiving Reiki treatments from Melodie and still on my herb regimen. Both have assisted me greatly!

I had a busy week.
Tuesday I picked up 30 t-shirts for my team at Susan G Komen. I then sorted them and got them all ready for pick up by my team mates.  

Wednesday I had a friend over and then did some house stuff. (house stuff is never done).

I had my doctor’s appointment to see my MRI. My lump has shrunk 50%.
Then I meet Elaine, a wonderful lady, for coffee, who is in charge of Angel Care. This is an all- volunteer organization to assist women going through breast cancer treatment. They are there for whatever is needed. We met and visited for 2 hours. It felt good to be out and in a normal environment.

Melodie came over and gave me a Reiki treatment. I was off then to do grocery shopping. Home by 1:30 and then my friend Dian came over to visit and pick up her T-shirt. I hadn’t seen her since November!

Susan G Komen walk.
Our team raised $1045.00, 50% of our goal. (I think this is wonderful). Funny how thing are shown to us. The lump shrunk 50% and 50% of the team’s goal was raised. I find this very interesting!
It’s raining at 5:30am when we got up. I said some prayers for NO RAIN and clear skies.
I didn’t sleep very well, I guess I was too excited and wondering if I would be able to do the 1 mile ( not doing an event like this while going through treatment).   I had no idea what my body would handle. I did great. It was tiring but I made it over the finish line and got my metal! Yippee
Johnny and I went and ate lunch and home we went. I took a 2 hour nap. Guess I needed it. I forget that my body is still healing. I feel like I should be able to do all that I did before. I am learning that I don’t have to, nor do I need to push my self so hard.
Johnny was working on the video he took of the race.

Today is Mother’s day and I am blogging and then going to brunch with Nicole’s family and mother –in-law Margaret.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!
Remember if your Mom has transitioned she is watching you in love and playing where she is now!

I am having my lumpectomy on Wednesday morning.
Not sure if I will blog this coming week. Stay tuned.

Have an adventurous week.
Remember to tell someone you love them.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Morning Blessings

Wednesday May 4, 2011
 There is nothing but you, Infinite Presence.
Whatever I think I am, is you taking form as me.
Whatever I think another may be, is you taking form as another.
There's only one. One Life, one Mind, one Power, one Love.
Even trying to give many names for the one isn't the whole truth.
One is One.
 I can look at it from different viewpoints or approach it
from different angles; it's still one.
Anything that seems to make the one into two cannot be the ultimate truth.
Not only am I one with the perfect Creator of the universe,
I am one with everyone in it.
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah eternal truth is fabuloso!
 Morning Blessings
                           Reverend Angela Peregoff...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update on My Adventure

This has been an interesting week.
Some of the days I was doing great and others I was in pain from my last round of chemo, which was April 19th. Yippee!

Wednesday I got to do Conversation with P’taah.
Every month there is a different topic and different people asking/talking with P’taah. So I got to be one of the ones that asked questions for the May CD. The topic was breast cancer. So much information, so much caring from P’taah. Myself and the other women got to ask anything we wanted. Very powerful!

Friday night I went to Power of Pink. This was for breast cancer survivors. The speaker was funny and spoke from the heart. I so enjoyed being out and about. I was forgetting what that felt like.

Now this week I am getting ready for the Susan G. Komen Walk on
May 7th. I sure hope you have donated to this wonderful cause.
You can still donate at:

I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday to see the MRI. I am excited to see how much the lump has shrunk.  Then my surgery is on May 11th. Moving right along now and feeling stronger every day.

Have a wondrous week. Go out and explore your life.
Remember to tell someone you love them.


Check It Out

Check out Conversation with:
It is a monthly CD. I am doing part of the May CD. P'taah is wonderful! You can get one month or monthly. Enjoy!
Namaste' Stephanie