Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doobie Brothers at the Fair

Last night as we listened to the Doobie Brothers at the fair I had the most wonderful thing happen.
A white butterfly landed on my wrist. I loved that.
Then about 10 minutes later he came back again to visit, again this white butterfly landed on my wrist. This was a delight

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  1. Stephanie - This is Debra from LA, hello there my darling in the sisterhood of life... I love the white butterfly story... years ago, when I would pray and ask GOD for an answer, I would always say let me know you are near and that my prayers will be heard and send me a white butterfly so I know...and every time I see a white butterfly I know that GOD is at work, so when you tell me that story, I hear you saying that spirit is at work in your life in fact GOD has touched you sweetie - no wonder your light is so bright... Love you my darling sister xoxoxo Debra