Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Adventure


Monday the week started out peacefully. I had a Reiki treatment from Melodie and rested. I am still having PAIN from this new chemo.

Tuesday morning as I am getting ready to go to have my next to the last chemo treatment, I am crying from the pain and telling Johnny I don’t want to go and have more pain from the chemo.  
The good news is that I only have this one and one more~

It is raining out and cooler weather then the past few days. We arrive at the cancer center and the front desk woman is kind and gentle. I tell her I don’t want to be here and she is understanding and tells me how well I have done.
I get my blood work done and am waiting in the lobby upstairs. I go in and have a meeting/evaluation with Holly the nurse practitioner. All my numbers are good as usual. I tell her about dropping things and she is going to talk to Dr. Stephanie about lowering the dose of the chemo by 10%.
I go into the chemo area and in to my space which is # 10 this week. Each cubical is numbered.
Johnny is now going to the cafeteria for breakfast. I brought some cashews (all nature and no salt) and some hot tea. I can only have certain foods on chemo as some interact.  
I am waiting for the pre-chemo meds to come. I take meds for the nausea and then have to wait 30 minutes for them to work. They have timers to time it.

As I am waiting in comes a man and asks if I want to draw. I say sure I love to color! J

He is an art teacher at BSU (Boise State University). He teaches computer art, interesting.
So Ted explains this is funded by Lance Armstrong foundation and has been trained by them. Ted has all different pencils and paper. You pick a card from this deck and draw what is says. Example: the 1st one said draw a line that touches two different sides of the paper. We continue on with this as now I am receiving my chemo treatment.

I find it very interesting the way Spirit moves and works through All of us.
I had been talking to my girlfriend saying I miss teaching.

So as Ted and I are doing this process of picking the cards and drawing what it says, I find myself arranging the colored pencils in order by the Chakra colors. As I am doing this I am explaining the chakras to Ted and the colors and energy that we hold/work with. So I get to teach. Spirit is amazing!
The next card that comes up says~ draw a line that is sudden and destructive.
Boy now I need help with this one. I truly don’t think or have a clue about destructive energy!
The nurse is in checking my blood pressure and talks about destroying the cancer. I explain I don’t see it as being destroyed. I see it as disappearing. Ted gives me some examples also.  I decide to draw the lump and the metal tag in the middle, then I smudge the outer circle of the lump and all that is there is the outline and the metal tag.

 Surprise!  My girlfriend Paula comes in to visit. I was very glad to see her. I had no idea she was coming to visit again. She came last time also. She said she wanted to stop by on her way to work.
We explained what we were doing and Paula got to make a picture also. We visited for awhile and then my lunch came. Paula went to work and Ted went and did some of his stuff while I finished my lunch. (fresh fruit and veggies) I really like that lunch choice. Ted comes back and we finish the drawings. The last card picked said to erase something on your drawing. So of course I erased the full lump and metal tag! Melodie came just as we finished to give me a Reiki treatment. What started out as an emotional day turned into a wonderful adventure with Spirit guiding as always!

Thursday afternoon a girlfriend Ali came over and we had a great visit.

Friday I called my insurance company as I got a notice in the mail they are not covering my physical therapy. I had talked to the billing office of my physical therapist and they had checked to make sure it was covered. The insurance company said I have no physical therapy or rehab coverage. So I get on the phone again with the billing office and she pulls up on her computer my insurance and in fact on the site it states I do have coverage. She says she is calling them and will call me right back. She calls back and the website for the insurance is wrong (an IT mistake). So the insurance company will cover the treatments I have had so far. So I am also a catalyst to find the errors. LOL
Saturday afternoon Nicole came over and we visited. It was very nice. Johnny played at Twigs Saturday night and Stanley and I stayed home and watched a movie. The Lake House it is one of my favorites.

I have been resting on and off all week as this chemo does hurt my bone, joints and lymph nodes. I have some medicine I only take at night if really needed. I don’t like taking drugs!!!
I am getting better daily, and  that is the up side to all of this!

Have a wonderful joy-filled week and remember to tell every one that you love them!


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