Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am being guided to channel more.

In the past I have been channeling for individuals and
my guided group meditations.
It is very interesting to me how Spirit has worked with me over the years to move me forward in spit of myself on this  adventure.

Spirit has also guided me to start writing my book...I don't know if it will be in print or not, or if it is the process that I am going through while writing this book that Spirit wants me to experience. 

I have told Spirit I am here to assist in any way to help the greater good of Mother Earth and it's beings living here.

If you are interested in a channeling you can contact me at please put in the subject line- Info for a Channeling.

My Guided Group Meditation is on Thursdays at 7Pm.

You can find us at -

Idaho Hypnotherapy and Wellness Center – 
1705 N. Cole Boise, Id 83704
Just north of Fairview. On the corner of Cole and Wilshire.

Guided Meditations are $10.00.
Open To All
Women, Men and Children over 10 (ask first)

Remember to tell someone you love them.


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