Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~Shangri-La Wellness Festival~

Shangri-la Tea Room & Cafe

1800 Overland in Boise, ID 83705

On September 29 & 30,

Saturday 8 am -7 pm (Sun Salution at 7:30 am) and 

Sunday 10 am - 6 pm~

The festival will be inside the tea room building in 

the back  half and in the back parking lot.

Come and feel the Joy and healing with many 

Alternative Modalities that will be offered...

On Saturday the festival will begin with a Traditional Sun Salutation with chanting. Group meditations and tea ceremonies will be available.

In addition, light food picnic style, can be purchased on the back lawn, prepared by Shangri-la's fabulous chefs.
Sunday there will be a..
Closing ceremony with Fire dancers.

Please contact me to reserve the time you want for you channeled reading....  

Remember to tell someone you love them today.


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