Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's My Birthday.

I Know you all had a wonderful day on Christmas.
Last night for Christmas it snowed.
So we had a white Christmas after all.

Today I celebrate another year older.

I have been off my tamoxifen now for 6 weeks and I won't go back on it, if at all till after I see my oncologist at the end of January.
I am sleeping better, I don't cry all the time, (mood swings)
I feel more like myself now that I am off of it.

So I will decide if it is better quality with out the medicine or not.
they say all breast cancer survivors should
be on it for 5 years.
I did 1 year on Tamoxifen so far.
We will see.

The new energies are wonderful. Please take time to rest if you feel the need. Our bodies are adjusting to the higher frequencies.

Remember to tell someone you Love them.


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