Monday, May 27, 2013

Roof Repair and Spirit

We have a Maltipoo named Stanley. I take him for walks at least 3 times a week. I have 3 different routes we walk.

It's a short walk when I am in need of time.
We take a medium walk that is a nicer walk and we pass where they are building an elementary school, and we pass more trees and are on a pathway,
The longer walk is past the school being built, past the trees and around the park. All service us both well.

During the windy days a few weeks ago, a piece of the shingle came loose on the front of our house above the garage. It was still on but in need of repair. I asked a neighbor if they knew anyone that could fix this and they did not. We didn't know who to call so I just kept thinking about it and checking in with Spirit as to what we should do. Some time had past and the weather man said new storms were on the way.

Friday, Stanley and I were walking. It was a gentle morning - not too cold and not too hot so I decided to take the medium walking path. As we passed the school being built, I kept thinking I'll go and ask a construction guy if he knows of someone we can call to fix this small roof problem. We kept walking and, as I get to the street we turn on, I see a truck coming in the opposite direction. I flagged him down and went over to his truck.

I say, “this may sound strange, but do you know someone that can fix a small part of our roof?” I told him I had a certain amount I could pay. He immediately asked for the address. (He never said he could or could not fix the roof) I told him the address, and told him my husband was in the front mowing the lawn and that I would walk fast and meet up with him there. Now I was on the end of my walk and by now I'm walking slower but then proceeded to walk a little faster. When the house was in sight, I saw Johnny still mowing the lawn and the man on the roof.

I walked up with Stanley near me. The man finished and came down off the ladder and he told me he also put caulk on all the nail heads as this will assist when we have high winds. This then triggered me asking him if he knew anyone that fixes gutters. He said he had some stuff in his truck and could fix both corners where it was leaking.

He went back up on the ladder.
I went in the house to get the money and Johnny came in and got one of his CD's to give to him. Johnny gave him the CD, and they started talking about how his daughter is in her 3rd year of playing the piano. I told him how I had been asking Spirit to guide us to someone to fix the roof while Johnny and he finished talking about piano music. He said, “God has guided us together”, and then refused to take my money. Of course I started crying, as my emotions have again been out of whack. I asked for his card and he also explained that he does painting and remodeling. He said he was on his way to take the ladder to another job and that he had been trying to get over to the school for 2 weeks. I hadn't noticed that he had his own ladder.

His name is Toby and the name of his company is:
The Carpenters Son.

Now just think for a moment what it took for Spirit to get us both at that corner at the same moment. Amazing and God guided.

Remember to tell someone you love them.



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