Monday, August 31, 2015

Health Update

Thank you all for your love and support. We are still trying to pay off the medical bills that are for my deductible.
Any thing you can help with is so appreciated. 

 I went to my oncologist on Thursday.
First blood work. Then a doctors visit. Dr Hodson is requesting another CT scan to see what is happening inside my right side and with my chest and ribs. This is the third month now that I am on the chemo pills. After the doctor I had my monthly infusion for my bones.
Friday the day after I was having pain in my right side front and back and in my chest
The first day after the infusion has been with some pain. Saturday better. Had dinner at some friends house. What a nice evening. They sure take great care of us!
Sunday...not good. Pain and some coughing which hurts my ribs and chest. Some upset stomach also.

Today Monday, still some pain not as bad.
It also is guided channeled meditation today.
Love the energy!

Remember to tell someone you love them.

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