Friday, January 1, 2016

Latest Update on Metastizied Breast Cancer

                                                 Christmas with my daughter.

I had an interesting Christmas holiday and birthday.
I got sick with the stomach flu (noro virus).  
Wednesday December 23rd. I was better my Christmas. My husband Johnny got it Christmas day. He had to stay home. 
I was doing the ham for dinner. So my brother in law and I
went over to my daughter house for dinner. The next day my birthday my husband was doing better but we stayed in so he could fully recover. 

I made it another year!!!!

It has been cold here and there is snow on the ground but NO ice on the roads, I am so glad about no ice. 

Wednesday December 30th, I went to cancer center. 
Got the results of my CT scan.
It's all good. The Ibrance (chemo pills)  is working. My numbers are great. Proteins went from 590 to 385. All my vital organs are fine and my other blood numbers are good. Sugar level 103. 

Tonight some pain. I also had my monthly infusion to strengthen my bones. Sometimes after the infusion I have some stronger pain.
I am doing good. 

Remember to tell someone you love them.

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