Sunday, May 8, 2011

Having a Great Week

This past week has been great. Each day farther from my last chemo treatment is better. I am in less pain and I have more strength.

I am still receiving Reiki treatments from Melodie and still on my herb regimen. Both have assisted me greatly!

I had a busy week.
Tuesday I picked up 30 t-shirts for my team at Susan G Komen. I then sorted them and got them all ready for pick up by my team mates.  

Wednesday I had a friend over and then did some house stuff. (house stuff is never done).

I had my doctor’s appointment to see my MRI. My lump has shrunk 50%.
Then I meet Elaine, a wonderful lady, for coffee, who is in charge of Angel Care. This is an all- volunteer organization to assist women going through breast cancer treatment. They are there for whatever is needed. We met and visited for 2 hours. It felt good to be out and in a normal environment.

Melodie came over and gave me a Reiki treatment. I was off then to do grocery shopping. Home by 1:30 and then my friend Dian came over to visit and pick up her T-shirt. I hadn’t seen her since November!

Susan G Komen walk.
Our team raised $1045.00, 50% of our goal. (I think this is wonderful). Funny how thing are shown to us. The lump shrunk 50% and 50% of the team’s goal was raised. I find this very interesting!
It’s raining at 5:30am when we got up. I said some prayers for NO RAIN and clear skies.
I didn’t sleep very well, I guess I was too excited and wondering if I would be able to do the 1 mile ( not doing an event like this while going through treatment).   I had no idea what my body would handle. I did great. It was tiring but I made it over the finish line and got my metal! Yippee
Johnny and I went and ate lunch and home we went. I took a 2 hour nap. Guess I needed it. I forget that my body is still healing. I feel like I should be able to do all that I did before. I am learning that I don’t have to, nor do I need to push my self so hard.
Johnny was working on the video he took of the race.

Today is Mother’s day and I am blogging and then going to brunch with Nicole’s family and mother –in-law Margaret.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!
Remember if your Mom has transitioned she is watching you in love and playing where she is now!

I am having my lumpectomy on Wednesday morning.
Not sure if I will blog this coming week. Stay tuned.

Have an adventurous week.
Remember to tell someone you love them.


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