Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update on My Adventure

This has been an interesting week.
Some of the days I was doing great and others I was in pain from my last round of chemo, which was April 19th. Yippee!

Wednesday I got to do Conversation with P’taah.
Every month there is a different topic and different people asking/talking with P’taah. So I got to be one of the ones that asked questions for the May CD. The topic was breast cancer. So much information, so much caring from P’taah. Myself and the other women got to ask anything we wanted. Very powerful!

Friday night I went to Power of Pink. This was for breast cancer survivors. The speaker was funny and spoke from the heart. I so enjoyed being out and about. I was forgetting what that felt like.

Now this week I am getting ready for the Susan G. Komen Walk on
May 7th. I sure hope you have donated to this wonderful cause.
You can still donate at:

I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday to see the MRI. I am excited to see how much the lump has shrunk.  Then my surgery is on May 11th. Moving right along now and feeling stronger every day.

Have a wondrous week. Go out and explore your life.
Remember to tell someone you love them.


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