Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interesting times

All is going well, I am starting radiation therapy on Monday the 13th. I will be having 33 treatments which is the standard for my type of breast cancer.

My Aunt Chickie, who is back east, is back in the hospital she has fluid on her lungs, along with all the other medical adventures she is having.
She had a blockage and had surgery for that and did go home with 90 staples in her stomach. Then she had fluid in her lungs, and is still in the hospital. On Thursday morning my Uncle transitioned. They have been divorced for many years. My cousin is handling this and much more.

The reason I have added this in here is to ask for prayers for all of their highest and greatest good, as only Spirit know the big picture for all of them.

For myself I am getting ready for our yearly garage sale next Saturday. It truly amazes me how so much stuff keeps coming. I keep clearing out and I just find more and more. LOL

I have lost 35 pounds now (from dieting not the chemo) and have lots of clothes that I will not wear again. Some are like new so I will make sure they are reused.

I am able to get out and about now as energy permits and I am loving that! Yippee….

The adventure continues and I am moving forward as Spirit guides me.

Something for you to think about and create

Be Thankful, Be Quiet, Be Original, 
Be Spontaneous,
Be Punctual, Be Crazy, Be Bold, Be Loud, 
Be Random, Be Adorable,Be Unique, 
Be Daring, Be Obnoxious,
Be Joyful, Be Playful, Be Carefree, Be a Star, Be Loving, and Be YOURSELF!

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. Sharing your journey with everyone is courageous and encouraging for anyone going though life challenges. I am sure it is not always easy to do. I remember Chickie fondly. We will be happy to send prayers and healing for her and your Uncle....and as always, for you and Johnny.

    Love and Blessings,