Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Conversation with P'taah May 2011

A Breast Cancer Odyssey
Conversation with P'taah-May 2011

With so many people are facing huge health challenges, we were delighted when Kate and Stephanie agreed to do our May Conversations. The two women are at different stages of dealing with breast cancer.  

A more inspiring session would be hard to imagine.  These two women have taken P'taah's words and lived them.

As with all Conversations, P'taah is speaking to each of us, male or female, about finding the gift in our challenges and embracing those challenges into the healing power of love. 

T1  Breast Cancer Odyssey
The effect that compartmentalizing your sexuality and the body itself has on health. Factors that have an influence on breast cancer, both in its development and in its healing, including resentment.

T2  The Greater Reality of Embracing Wholeness
Rather than trying to 'release' anything, visualize your God/Goddess-self 'embracing' negativity into the light of its own being, called Love. Discussion of Wholistic Healing which includes the mental and emotional as well as the physical.  Since everything exists in the non-physical before it manifests in the physical, things go from the inward to the outward. The body is only expressing what is not aligned, so it is important to show forth the intent to be whole and integrated.

T3  Being in the Isness of What Is
Opening yourself to transformation by accepting the 'Isness' of what is. Changing the frequency of what you have created to access your power base. Outward and inner healing with gratitude and giving thanks.

T4  Voice Channeling
Allowing your own knowingness to come forth. Reminding yourself of what you already know.

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