Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun Week

This week has been busy.
It seems every day time is speeding up.
I have completed 4 out of six and half weeks of my radiation therapy and all is going great. I get very tired in the late afternoon but other than that I am doing everything and loving life.

It always amazes me when I allow Spirit to guide and move me forward. So many of us forget to step aside for Spirit to open us up and show us what we are to move into next.

The gentleness and loving energy I have experienced over the past several months with this adventure in breast cancer is profound. I have let go of a lot and am now open and ready for the next adventure Spirit may have for me to walk in.

The breezes in my mind are of a different realm and I am in tune with all of the grandeur in time and space. 

Let’s all move forward, in the Loving energy Spirit shows us and opens the gateways for us all.  Come walk through the gateways now and see what adventure is waiting for you.

Remember to tell someone that you love them today.


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