Thursday, July 2, 2015

Health Up Date

It started May 9, 2015, Saturday. 
I was doing gardening and I just wanted to finish one project totally. I wanted to feel like my old self again.  That afternoon I was over heated and tired. So I rested some and continued to do some things in the house. I got up in the middle of the night to go potty and it felt like someone pulled my legs out from under me. down I went and I called for my husband Johnny to help me up. I got up and had dry heaves. We went back to sleep. The next day Mother’s day I stayed in bed almost all day with a temperature ranging from 100.3 to 101. I threw up once. Monday I had to cancel my guided channeled group meditation. In the morning my temperature was 99.9 so I figured whatever it was, it was going away. Then in the early afternoon it was 101.9. Now we knew something was wrong. 

Johnny took me to the ER. MY blood pressure was 99/45. 
NOT good. They hooked me up to all the stuff and took blood and a chest x-ray. After a few hours they decided I had a UTI.  I’d never had one before. They said I had all the symptom and that they are different after 50. Thanks for that! LOL
The ER doctor told us they saw a node in my lung. I broke down…I said I don’t want cancer again!
I went home with a prescription and was to see my doctor in a week.  
A week later I went to my doctor. It was a kidney infection.
She stated several times I was really sick. She then said she was ordering a CT scan of my lung.  I had the CT scan.  Then she ordered a full body PET scan. Thank God she did. It lit up in my left upper arm, lungs, ribs, spine, pelvic bones and right leg.
My family doctor knew if she had told me it was going to be a full body scan I would not have done it. I had not met my deductible of $6,350.00 for the year.

I then had a needle biopsy of a piece from my femur in my right leg. The radiologist explained to Johnny and me that yes, it could have grown that fast as I had just had all my blood work and check up with my oncologist in March.  

June 10th, we (being Johnny, Nicole and myself) meet with my oncologist Dr. Stephanie Brook Hodson. (Yes interesting how spirit is having fun with all of us and our names…Oh, and the lead radiologist name is…. just guess…Joseph Brooks, the same as my nephew).   
Yes it is cancer again. The breast cancer had metastasized. She was still waiting to hear if it was hormone driven or not. There is a new medicine which I would able to use if hormone driven. If not, then it would be chemo and radiation. (Which I would not do again).

Now we are waiting to hear.   I told her I had been running into things. As we are leaving her office I hit the wall. It seems to be on my right side. So Dr. Stephanie ordered an MRI of my brain to be performed on June17th in the hospital. 
Yes I have a brain surprise …My cousin told me not to waste my time as I have nothing up there.   
 NO brain cancer is very good news.

So now we are still waiting to hear about the hormones.   
On June 19th, I found out that is was indeed hormone driven. Now, it’s more waiting for the pharmacy to call me about the new drug. 

On June 30th, I received a call from the pharmacy that is handling the new medicine along with the other medicine that helps it work effectively. Many questions about all the medicines, vitamins and herbs I am taking. She stated she will have to check with the pharmacist about the herbs to make sure they don’t interfere with the medicine I will be talking. Another call and some more questions. After the fourth call she stated the medicines will be shipped overnight and on ice. I finally asked her about my co-pay. She first thought it would be $10.00, but then found out it would be zero at least for the first month. I asked, “What was the cost of the new pill I would be taking”. (It has only been out since January 2015). She stated $10,000.00. It was over the ten thousand but I can’t remember the exact amount. This is for one month. I received the pills via UPS on June 30th.

I am willing to try anything to help.
I am also taking Essiac tea which was founded in the early 1900’s by a nurse. It is been proven to help cure cancer.  I am also taking DoTerra oils and some of their vitamins.

I do have some pain in my left side ribs and I get tired easily. So far I am taking each day as it comes and living life.

I am still doing channeled readings and by Monday guided channeled mediation group.

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  1. I Love You And will be praying for you for the strength and comfort to attack this new challenge

  2. Thank you for your loving care.