Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall weather and more

photos by Johnny Downing

I know it has been awhile since I have really written to you all. 
It have been an interesting adventure to say the least.
Spirit has been working with me every day. I have opened up to receiving all Spirit wants me to be doing here on this earth plain.

I am now doing channeled readings for individuals and groups.
Soon I will be able to do readings world wide through the
magic (LOL) of computers. More information on this to follow soon.

Also the weather has changed here in Idaho and it truly is fall.
The trees are many colors. It is beautiful.

As the weather has changed so has my body. I can still feel some side effects from the chemo and anti-hormone drug they have me on. Some days hot hot hot other days cold cold cold.
Yes I know I have not really shared all that I have gone through with this adventure I had with breast cancer. I have come to realize it is time to share as it may assist others just starting this adventure. So I will be blogging more about this and of course channeled information from Spirit.

Please remember you are all loved very much by many and please remember to tell someone you love them.


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