Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Now Moment

Happy Sunday

It is a beautiful sunny day here. Cold weather
 but lovely.

I have been trying to write on here all week, however I could not get onto my blog???!!!! 

Spirit always right where I need to be.

Letting go of control. This is a mission I have been on for years.
Always letting go. I have come to realize as long as I stay open and in the now I will be moved forward.

I have been able to be allowing with all but me in the past and now I am being shown to just be in the now moment.

I know lots of you are also working on being in the now....
Together we can create a wonderful now moment.
Full of joy, laughter, love and light. Stay open.

There are many changes going on in each of us and on this planet earth. Changes we all have been a part of.

At this moment in time I ask you to take a deep breathe,
relax a moment and remember why you are here.
You came to remember that you are a Spirit having a human experience in Love and Light. This is the truth of who we all are.
Now you also have opened up to Spirit and are learning and growing in your awareness of yourself as a part of everything. 

Our world is in flux and you can be apart of this shift and change or you can choose not to be apart of this. Either way you will be in the perfect place for your adventure on your own path.

I am grateful for all of you who read my blog and have been assisting in the healing I went through in 2011. Thank You!

Remember to tell someone you love them.


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