Saturday, October 27, 2012

From The Band of Light

I love when I am as open as the universe.
To receive the information and joy Spirit shares 
with us all when we listen.

I have been receiving information from Spirit about the vibration changes taking place within all of us.

They have said ~~~
This is aliening with the higher dimensions and receiving the newest connections to our other aspects as we have many.
We are all connecting to who we are as a 
spiritual group on this planet earth. 
We have come at this time to assist the raising up 
of all the spheres, dimensions, beings of light and Spirits..

Breathe deeply and listen to the vibration you are now making. 
As you are the ones making the changes.
You all are performing this wondrous dance with all of creation.

Do not take our word for it...Breathe and see for yourselves.
Look within and feel the feeling of joy 
as you know the truth of who you are coming to be.
We are of service to you all in this now of your timing.

We love you all deeply.
The Band of Light.

Remember to tell someone you love them.


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