Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feeling Better

This past week was very different.
 I had my 3rd chemo treatment on Tuesday. We got home around 5.
Wednesday I was feeling good a little tired. I didn’t sleep good Tuesday night. I never do the night I have chemo.  Melodie came over in the morning and gave me a Reiki treatment. I later took a nap before going to the cancer center for my shot for my white blood ceils. I was doing great. Johnny and I went to Marie Calendars and had an early dinner. I love their soup.
Then grocery shopping at this time of night there is hardly anyone there. We got done and home and all unpacked by 8:30.
Thursday I felt swemish, not full out nausea but not good.
 I take my nausea medicines the week of chemo on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (Saturdays if needed).  It helped some. Before it totally helped so this is different this week. I ate my small meals often which did seem to help. I also had unusual pain in my limbs, joints and bones. I took Ibuprophine and it does help.
Friday, I woke up on and off all night long Thursday with bone pain. I am use to pain from my back (I was in a car accident when I was 17) but this was not the same.  I rested all day Friday and Melodie came over and gave me a Reiki treatment. This did give me relief.  Friday I did rest only!
Saturday, yes finally I feel better. 
No nausea or pain. Johnny took Stanley to be trimmed and groomed. When he came back he had beautiful red roses for me for Valentines.  He is so thoughtful. He knew we had said NO flowers as the price is always so much on Valentines Day, but he also knew I hadn’t felt good. He is the best husband and friend!  I washed Stanley’s bedding so he would have clean, clean bedding and clothes. (yes he has sweaters and hoodies it is cold here in the winter .LOL)
Johnny played at Twigs Cellar and I stayed home and watched movies with yes you guessed it…Stanley.
Sunday today, I am feeling good and I have been doing paper work and other computer stuff. 
Tomorrow for Valentines Day we are going to a matinee. I will wipe down the seat to get rid of any germs.
Have a loving day and Happy Valentines Day to you all!

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