Friday, March 25, 2011

From - Blooming Humans


     HeArt Peace  - by Frattali
Each new day reveals subtle shifts and changes,
revealing the Beauty of our Dream Seeds
as they Go and Grow in the world.

With Faith Wisdom, we surrender and flow
with the unfolding mystery ... trusting in Love
to guide the Way.

Like the deepening roots of our Dream Seed,
much of our growth and change is veiled
by the layers of time.  Yet, we go and grow
each day, making subtle shifts and vital
extensions that affirm we are ALIVE! Awake!
Aware!  Birthing New Reality with every breath.

Just for today ...

Breathe into the center of the Heart,
the Sacred Space where Love lives. 
Feel the Heart Fire purifying your Being,
as Now flows through you with grace and ease,
releasing tension, discord and resistance.

Relax into the spaciousness of letting go.  Flow with
the moment, allowing Peace to grow.  BE Love.
Receiving each breath with Gratitude, release and
bless All that IS.  Purified through our Heart Fire,
each breath becomes a gift -- to Self and All.

Blooming Humans are WE!


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