Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Update

I am feeling good.
I have been in the house all week resting. I still have sinus drip and cough. I am beginning to believe it is from the chemo and not the flu I had!

So I am now getting cabin fever.
Does anyone have some suggestion?

I still get tired in the late afternoon and rest some.

This week I worked on ALL the insurance paper work.
Thank goodness I have an accounting back ground.
It takes a lot to figure out who pays what!
I have spreadsheets and 3 different groups for the medical bills. If you aren’t good with figures, who would figure all this out for you?

Of course in the middle of doing all this paper work I found out I had NO checks left! (I had ordered them over a week ago). They finally arrived Saturday.  So now on Monday I will spend time paying some of the medical bills.

Other than that I start my new chemo on Tuesday March 8th at 8:40 – 3:30. This one is supposed to be much milder then the last 2. 

So please remember to tell the people you love that you love them!

Have an adventurous week and play nice.


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  1. Morning, sending you lots of Hugs for your week ahead. K