Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Phoenix Rising

Yes the great news is the lump is shrinking even more! The doctor checked yesterday before I had my treatment. I have never seen some one LIGHT up as she did. Her face was a glow with joy and happiness.

While sitting yesterday receiving my chemo treatment I was reading The Twelfth Insight and looking out the window at the clouds and saw a cloud that looked like a Phoenix Rising. I asked why I was seeing this and I was given this information, that it was me.
Right now I am like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, from this adventure with breast cancer.

The Phoenix  
The Phoenix has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal.

French author Voltaire thus described the phoenix:
It was of the size of an eagle, but its eyes were as mild and tender as those of the eagle are fierce and threatening. Its beak was the color of a rose, and seemed to resemble, in some measure, the beautiful mouth of Formosante. Its neck resembled all the colors of the rainbow, but more brilliant and lively. A thousand shades of gold glistened on its plumage. Its feet seemed a mixture of purple and silver; and the tail of those beautiful birds which were afterwards fixed to the car of Juno, did not come near the beauty of its tail.[2]

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