Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dr Peebles through Summer Bacon

 Dr Peebles

Language of the Heart™
"You are everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, feel and smell. You're every concept, every dream, every possibility, every opportunity, and every probability. That which you are seeking, that which you believe is too late to find inside of yourself-it's never too late, because it doesn't go away. You're not separate from.

You see, every time you shrug your shoulders, throw your hands to the heavens and say, "I give up!" you are buying into the illusions of separation. Of course, there's nothing wrong with abandoning your dreams. There's nothing wrong with saying, "I came here with one purpose. I'd like to change my mind." Absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But, the important thing to remember is, if you do change your mind, don't fall victim to that.

It's an untruth to say that it is never going to be different, that it's too late, because, my dear friends, it's never too late."
-Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon 

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