Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday at 3 AM

Saturday January 29, 2011
We are home and I am doing okay, a little nausea today so I took one of the medicines for nausea. I do well with this med.
Melodie came over and did a Reiki treatment for me at 12:30. It had been since Wednesday since I had a treatment.  We agreed this was too long in between.
The rest of the day I did computer work.
Johnny emptied his camera on to my computer so I went through and saved pictures and deleted duplicates. I also worked on my blog.  We had grilled cheese sandwiches for a late lunch and apple and cheese (white) for a night snack.
I watched Ice Skating in the evening while Johnny finished listing some stuff on eBay.

Sunday January 30, 2011
Stanley woke us up at 3 barking. Johnny checked it out. Nothing!

I had an interesting reaction. Not sure if it was due to being woke up and lack of sleep or just emotional stuff coming up or what but I started crying.
Johnny is so good with me. He is so allowing and takes good care of me. So I just cry and he holds me.

It’s now 4 AM and we are hungry. We didn’t eat enough yesterday to carry us through the night.
So up at 4 and Johnny is making wonderful pancakes and eggs. I can only have eggs that are well done….
Scrambled, hard boiled or fried hard.
It has something to do with the chemo I am on. Each chemo I have learned has different side affects this is one of the ones for the 2 chemos I am on right now.
We wake Jimmy (Johnny’s brother who lives with us) so he can have breakfast also and we all have a great breakfast.

It was so nice to know we can do this at any time…It felt unusual and good. I/we have never done this kind of thing before. I would have never thought that we can do anything at any hour before. (Of course before we worked full time and we both were on schedules) So this was new and an adventure. Another new adventure (we have many lately).
6:30 back to sleep.
I sleep till 9 and Johnny sleeps till 10:30 as he had gone to bed later then I did last night.
So now I am writing this blog to share with you all more of my adventures with breast cancer.
I am doing great all in all. NO nausea or vomiting. My hair is now shaved so I don’t have to be emotional about any of that and my red wig is great.
I am open to visitors and phone calls.  If I am resting I turn off the phone and will call you back.
I have found that people have said they are afraid they will disturb me…Please disturb me. I am doing well!
Have a blessed day and remember to tell someone you love them! 

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  1. Stephanie, I love reading your blog. This is the first time I've seen it and you come across so true and clear. It gives me a nice, calming feeling. Thank you for sharing your experience. I particularly like the part about breakfast at 4am - good for you! Love, Shelley