Thursday, January 20, 2011

No More Drugged Feeling

 Red Wig 

 1/14/11 Friday - Thank God that is over.  I do not like nor if possible will I not take that med again! (Emend).
The herbs did the trick.!!!! No more constipation.
1 Prochlorperazine at 11am and 1 Prochlorperazine at 7Pm for nausea.  
*** I would have to say if this is the bad day it is doable…I slept on and off all day and night. I was very tired. I went to the potty and ate my small meals all day. I would do some thing and than take a nap. I also slept most of the night.

1/15/11 Saturday – Feeling much better.
Boy it is nice to rest. LOL
No meds today. NOT nausea. Did house stuff. By 5ish I am tired for the day, but still doing well.

1/16/11 Sunday
Doing great. No new things to report.

 1/17/11 Monday – No nausea!
11am went to see Dr Prier for check up on surgery sites. Doing well.
All In all, I am doing GREAT!
I am still having HOT flashes (several a day) at different times and when I get really tired I do get very cold. Some times my back or knees hurt but Advil seems to work for that. I have notice sore spots in my mouth.(part of the chemo side affects)  I am using salt, baking soda and water to assist.  This is to balance the PH in my system.

Monday January 17, 2011
This morning early around 6 or earlier, I saw the most beautiful large moon in the sky. It lit up the western sky. The light beams were shining in the distant clouds. Magnificent!
Have a Light filled day and remember you are LOVE!
Namaste' Stephanie (was put on face book)
No nausea.

Tuesday January 18, 2011   
2 pm, appointment with Holly, the nurse practitioner at Cancer Center. Johnny, Melodie and I meet with her.
I am doing great. We talked about changing the nausea medicine for my Chemo. Not using Emend any longer.  I’m using the other medicine that is milder. Melodie came back and gave me a Reiki treatment.
No Neusea.

Wednesday January 19, 2011
 We’re home decorating for Valentines Day. I have the women’s group here tonight. I’m  looking forward to that.
4 People came,(because some were sick and I can’t be near sick people)  it was good. Talked and caught up and then did a meditation for the group.
No Nausea.

Thursday January 20, 2011
Home today no nausea.

My next Chemo treatment is next Tuesday January 25th and it all starts again.
I can do this and I am feeling great!
Have fun and kiss someone you love and let them know they are special!