Thursday, January 13, 2011


      Unknown Artist
Thursday and it is rainy outside but I am home.
 I got a call from my Chemo nurse yesterday that I needed to come and get my shot for the white blood cells today (Wednesday) after 4.  It must be in a certain time frame or it throws off the Chemo schedule. 
So with my blond wig on that looks just like my hair off I go. Johnny was playing at Twigs last night for their 1 year anniversary.  So he went there and I went and got my shot at St. Al’s.
I got home around 5:30 after stopping at bank to take care of business. (Now I know why it is spelled that way… (busi ness).
Nicole, Melodie and Ali all were coming over to visit and keep me company.
I did take my nausea medicine around 2pm after Johnny had to go to another Walgreen’s to get it. Another whole story! LOL
I have discovered that that particular one makes be ditsy. DRUGGED! LOL
It takes about 4 hours and than I guess I become funny.  So I only have one more of those to take tomorrow and those are done. I will take it early in day.
Have a wonderful day filled with all you can imagine.

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  1. You have been in my thoughts, Aunt Stephanie. Please take care and keep updating.

    Those drugs show that I clearly get my funny from the Brooks side?