Friday, January 21, 2011

My Hair

My Hair

I had forgotten to let you all know that on Monday January 10th my girlfriend Julie came over and we cut my hair. It was shaved on the sides and back and she left about ¼ inch on the top.

It is now Friday January 21st, and the top has grown and it is over an inch long. Yes I know they (who are they any way) keep telling me my hair will in fact fall out….

We will see not looking that way so far.

On a side not,
Monique have your Mom tell you how she use to have to oil your hair to get it to lay down….Yes again a Brooks trait.
I had no idea my hair would stand straight up not ever having it this short. I always knew I had Angel hair (fine and straight) but now I also know it stands straight up…FUN!!  I hope when my hair grows back t it like your hair Monique, lots, full and beautiful! I guess your Mom knew what she was doing with all that oil! LOL

Today I am having Julie and Judith visit so that will be fun.
Everyone have a playful day!
 I will you all laughing with this blog.

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