Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi Everyone,
Sorry about the Text message. I am not good at that yet.

Yesterday Tuesday,

Johnny and I were at the hospital at 7:30.  Had to have a test on my heart. They do this at the beginning of Chemo treatment and then throughout to make sure everything is fine.
(They said I have a great Heart...LOL We all knew that.

So not really thinking about the test,  I had taken the book The Great Shift to read while waiting. I was reading from the part by Kryon, who is here in magnetic service.  I do forget the energies some times...LOL
I went in the the room with the machine which uses atomic energy mixed with my blood which they have draw and now mixed together. I was hooked up the the cable lines that look the same
as on an EKG.    They don't work.  The technician gets new rubber ends 3 different times and none of them work. He then reboots the entire system. Again
NEW lead wires and rubber tabs. NOTHING..I Reiki the machine and am talking to Spirit silently. I am on a time frame of my chemo at 10:30. and this test is only supposed to take 20 minutes. It is now 9:10.  Finally the Tech goes and gets the Doctor and he then gets different lead wires that look different also. New rubber tabs and it starts.  

Now this whole time I am lying on the thin narrow table waiting.
The machine rotates and I am now inside. I look at the pictures on the ceiling of the hot air balloons.  Pretty,  and I notice the numbers on them....27, 11, 9, 25 very interesting..Very Spiritual.  I started meditating,  I am almost in a deep state and I am asked to move, inside the machine which is totally around me and very close quarters. Again I start to meditate. In comes pure white Light.  I am very familiar with Spirits energy. Now the PINK Light of Quin Yin
It was the most soft color pink I have seen in a long time..GENTLE and Loving.
I do Love Spiritual work....
The test is finally over and we (Johnny and I) walk over to the
Cancer Center. (2 building over) and it was cold!
First I meet the nurse for the Chemo, than the Dietitian is waiting to talk to us also as I had many questions for her and Melodie (also a Reiki Master, Shaman and Herbalist)  is  with us and got to talk to her also as I am on an Herb regime.
Next off to have more blood taken for lab work up. This will happen every time I go to have Chemo. Back to room. They have me order lunch and off to meet with the Nurse Practitioner to go over all the procedures for the Chemo.  Back to room and receive my lunch. (good Soup).

Waiting for the lab results and the pharmacist comes in and we talk. They have 3 pharmacists just for the
Cancer Center and hospital patients that need Chemo.
Her name is Stephanie, we talk about that and how Dr Stephanie Hodson (my Chemo Oncologist)  and her have the same middle name also.    Brooke...Now there are 3.        
So what do you think about that? Any insights for me????
 Spirit does work in fun and adventurous ways...LOL.
2:05 we finally start the Chemo.  Oh, yes they DO give me medicine for nausea and vomiting first.
We leave the
Cancer Center at 4:25.
This was a long day and very adventurous. Spirit always keeps thing entertaining.
So today I am HOME .. I am glad.
Tomorrow I just have to go and get a shot to rebuild the white blood cells at
9:30. that is doable.
Feel free to write or call.
They say ( I still want to know who they are?) if, and I don't buy into this,   I were to get sicker..nausea it unusual happens on the 4th - 7th day. I do have meds that I do plan on using. Nothing worst than throwing up! 

Oh, yes Monday I did cut my hair...So now I have red hair or blonde or black...FUN!
 Have a Happy, Bright, Joyful day and tell someone you love them! 

Thank You all for being in my Life!!


Wear PINK for support.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this journey, Stephanie.